2021 Summer Challenge Winner Announced

Congratulations to Jon Wagoner the recipient of the 100 Hours Active Outdoors Community Challenge prize of $100 worth of Forest County Chamber Bucks. Jon’s name was drawn from a list of the twenty-four Forest County residents that completed the Active Outdoors Challenge this past summer. 

Twenty-four individuals participated in the Activity Challenge sponsored by the Forest County Coalition on Activity and Nutrition (Forest County CAN!) spending and tracking at least 100 hours of active outdoor time between June 1st and August 31st of 2021. 

Congratulations to Jon and the following members of this year’s 100-active hours club!:  Courtney Crum, Kadyn Kincaid, Wynter Montgomery, Stephanie Statezny, Bryn Montgomery, Clayton Montgomery, Taylor Karcz, Nathan Wagoner, Grant Wagoner, Isabelle Wagoner, Val Wagoner, Mary’s Kids (Mary Kircher), Rosemary Resch, Phil Resch, Andy McMillion, Karen McMillion, Jamison Alloway, Zoey Sears, Brenda Davison, Holli Denton, Hudson Harrison, Reggie Harrison, Caroline Harris, Adelyn Harris and Homer Rosa. 

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