Geocache Challenge

Tapping into what has become a global network of ongoing geocache events, Forest County’s CAN! coalition is sponsoring a countywide geocache challenge beginning June 4th and ending August 31, 2018.

The aim of the geocache challenge is to encouraging Forest County residents, both young and old, to get outside and explore the amazing hiking, walking and biking trails that Forest County offers.

Ten separate cache’s have been placed on established Forest County trails, including the county owned Otter Springs Trail system, the Wolf River Trail, the Wabeno Boardwalk, the Nicolet State Trail, Ed’s Lake trail system and the Rat River Recreational Trail.

The coordinates for each of the ten caches can be found by downloading our brochure or by picking up a challenge brochure at the Forest County Health Department, Forest County UW-Extension office or at a Forest County public library.

Geocaching has become an enormously popular outdoor-enthusisast sport throughout the world for both children and adults.  It combines treasure hunting with outdoor recreation and hiking, as well as technology.  A handheld GPS device, or a smart phone with the app installed is necessary.

The Forest County Ties that Bind Us believes Geocaching to be a healthy way to get out on the trails of Forest County and therefore have purchased three handheld GPS units for loan through each of Forest county’s public libraries.  Information on using and loaning these devices will be shared at a group instruction to be held at the Otter Spring Trail system on July 10th from 4 – 7 p.m.    Participants wanting to get started now on this challenge may use the Geocaching App (available for the Iphone or Android devices) or use their own handheld GPS device.  Coordinates are available here.

Participants that have successfully located and documented the ten caches placed by the CAN! coalition, they can submit their completed tracking log to the Forest County Health Department to receive their geocaching prize pack.

According to Jill Krueger, Forest county health department “We really want people to get outside, be active and enjoy Forest county trails.  Geocaching offers one more reason to do so.  You might get hooked and end up searching for more of the thousands of other geocache treasures stashed across the county, the state of Wisconsin and beyond!”

For more information, please call the Forest County Health Department at 715-478-3371.


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