Virtual Trek explained

Hi folks. We’ve been receiving a few emails and phone calls about our Virtual Trek, and we appreciate your enthusiasm!

In order to participate in our Walking Challenge, you MUST register and agree to the provisions in the registration agreement.

Step #1. Please complete the registration form by submitting your name, mailing address, email address and trekking name.

Step#2. After you certify to the agreement, push the blue arrow to complete the registration process.

Step #3. “Download the Challenge Log”

Step #5. For every two miles you walk, color in a tree. Once you walk 6 miles, submit your mileage online by click on the “Track Your Mileage” graphic seen below.

Step #6. Keep walking and coloring in your challenge log. Once you reach another destination (Wabeno, Laona, Cavour, etc.) track your mileage. We will update the trek challenge board each time you track your mileage.

There is no set route to walk. This is just a fun way to stay motivated and encouraged!

Questions, call 715-478-7797 or email

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