Walking Challenge encourages residents to trek (virtually) across Forest County

This summer the Forest County Coalition on Activity and Nutrition (Forest County CAN!) encourages people of all ages to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Forest County, while at the same time improving their physical and mental health by participating in our 2020 Walking Challenge.   Physical activity decreases your risk of disease, makes you stronger, improves your mental health and helps you sleep better. 

This year’s challenge is a little different, as we are encouraging participants to virtually walk across Forest County!  This year, we have developed a tracking log that when completed, will have taken you on a 120-mile trek across Forest County.  This is an extra 20 miles than in years past; however, we know you can do it! 

Participants may begin to track their miles beginning June 1st.  Along the way, participants are encouraged to track their mileage on their log sheet and to periodically report their mileage on the Forest County CAN! website leader board.  Individuals that track their mileage online, will receive incentives via the United States postal service.  Those who complete 100 miles or more will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card and will also be added to the Forest County Health Department’s 100 Mile Club list of all people who have completed the challenge since it began in 2018. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do ask participants in the Walking Challenge to keep the Wisconsin Department of Health physical distancing guidelines in mind when outside.  Those guidelines include maintaining a safe distance from others not in your household and respecting others’ space.  Most importantly remember that time spent outdoors being physically active keeps your mind and body healthy.  In fact, Wisconsinites are encouraged to get outside, stay safe, and be well.

To download your virtual tracking log, please register here(Please make sure to COMPLETE the survey by pushing the final arrow at the bottom of the survey screen after downloading your tracking log! If you don’t complete the survey, your registration is not complete. Thanks!)

To request a tracking be mailed to you, please contact Michelle Gobert at 715.478.7797.     

The Forest County Health Department reminds us that If you have questions about your health or your activity level, please talk with your doctor. 

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